How to Support Us

Support Grace Generation Church through the following means:

  • Through Prayer – Please pray that God continues to work in and through our church, specifically:
    • For our overall church ministry: that our church can effectively demonstrate Jesus’ love to those in our mission field
    • For our pastor and his family: that God continues to provide strength and wisdom to our pastor; and to provide for and protect his family
    • For our church leadership and ministry leaders: that God provides wisdom and strength to them so that they can lead our congregation in fulfilling the vision that God has given our church
    • For all our members and attendees: that God hears our individual prayers and concerns, that He continues to work through each one of us to reach our family and friends, and to give us the wisdom and knowledge to effectively give reason for the hope we have in Jesus Christ
  • Financially 
  • Volunteer
    • If you are already part of our church community, and you are called to share your God-given talents, please let us know.

Thank your for supporting us!