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“Love, Sex, and Marriage” – Jan 8, 2017

Posted by GGCWPAdmin on January 12, 2017 at 10:00 pm

LISTEN: The latest edition of Pastor David Cay’s sermon series, “Love, Sex, and Marriage” from January 8.

Sermon notes:

  • Ephesians 5:21-33
  • Philippians 2: 2-3
  • Romans 15:1-3

  • “This word submit is hypotasso in Greek, and it can be translated “respect” or “yield” or “defer” or “put another’s good ahead of your own”. It does not mean “do what you’re told”. It means “give your feelings, desires, and trust over to another”. And both men and women are called to do this” – John Mark Comer, Lovelogy, p. 159
  • “A servant puts someone else’s needs ahead of his or her own. That is how all believers should live with each other. And if all believers are to serve each other in this way, how much more intentionally and intensely should husbands and wives have this attitude toward one another?” – Tim Keller “The Meaning of Marriage” p.51
  • “In 60 AD, all you owed your wife was a roof over her head and sperm for her children. If you’re a husband, you’re thinking now I have to actually love her? To put her good above my own? To give my life for her? My time, my money, my freedom, my desires for her? To nourish her? To feed her physically and spiritually?” – John Mark Comer, Loveology, p. 191
  • “Because the men are the leaders. God holds the men responsible to lead a healthy marriage. To God, authority is about responsibility, not bossing people around” – John Mark Comer, Loveology, p. 191
  • “Submission is her choice. It is a gift that a wife gives to her husband of her own free will, with no force or coercion. And just to clarify, these roles are for marriage, not for culture at large. It’s a gift she gives to her husband, not to all men” – John Mark Comer, Loveology, p. 192

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