About Our Church

Our Mission

Grace Generation Church is a church located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We exist to share the Gospel through establishing relationships and engaging in educated conversations about Jesus with others. We seek to disciple and develop followers of Jesus to send them out into their communities as missionaries of the Gospel.

Our Vision: Holistic Discipleship

Our approach to discipleship covers three areas: Spiritual Formation, Community, and Restoration.

GGC's Mission

In Spiritual Formation, we focus resources on the church building, staff, Bibles; on books; on apologetics; educational DVDs; social media; sending individuals and groups to conferences; leadership development; enhancing worship services; workshops; teachers and guest speakers with the sole focus of making disciples who are confident when they are sent out to their workplaces, schools, neighborhoods, community rec leagues, and with friends, family and strangers.

In Community, we center resources on financing events that help connect people and build relationships. We want to create a yearly retreat where we focus on relationships with each other and with God. We envision in the future building a coffeehouse that helps connect the Church to the community.

In Restoration, we believe in not only giving our financial resources, but also our personal time and talents to helping our local and global communities. We don’t want to be a church that just spends resources on itself. We want to support organizations, churches and ministries that are already fighting injustice in the city and around the world. We envision in the future assisting in projects that build orphanages and build wells where clean water does not exist.

This “Holistic Discipleship” leads to Mission. It will lead to stories of people meeting Jesus; stories of people being helped; stories of people finding friendships.