The Question that Bugged Me This Week

Posted by David Cay on July 21, 2017 at 3:56 pm | Return to Pastor's Thoughts page

We’ve had small groups for awhile now at GGC. It’s been our hope that through them it would foster relationships and discipleship. Through these small groups we would help people become confident in what they believe and why they believed it- and in turn it would lead to mission. We have used a method of reading books by great Christian authors like Tim Keller, Philip Yancey, Dan Kimball and others. We would meet every 2 weeks (ideally)- reading one chapter. Our hope was that each individual would wrestle individually with the chapter- asking questions, taking notes, highlighting what they thought was good and then in 2 weeks we would come together and learn from each other in community.

This past week was interesting because we had 2 different small groups that met on different days; that were reading two different books yet in both we wrestled with and discussed the same exact question. The question of why didn’t we care enough that our friends and family don’t know Jesus? Have we become too comfortable- too complacent about it- that we’ve stopped praying for our friends, praying for family? Shouldn’t that bother us- to cause us to at least share?

I was reminded of that video from Penn Jillette (he has a Las Vegas magic show; he was on Friends when he sold Joey encyclopedias)- who is an atheist yet respects when Christians share their faith. He says something in the video that is quite convicting, “how much do you have to hate someone to not proselytize? Like if you really believe that eternity is at stake wouldn’t you want to share” (my paraphrase). I saw this video years ago and it was well worth revisiting. (The video link is in the footnote below- please check it out)

We need to start praying for our friends again. We need to start taking advantage when opportunities arise. I’m not advocating obnoxious witnessing methods that we see so often, but I am advocating starting the conversation again with people that we have relationships with. Being intentional. Being prepared. Being respectful. I think it’s worth doing.

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