“Spiritual Disciplines” – June 4, 2017

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LISTEN: Communication is important to any relationship – even with God. Yet, for many of us we find it difficult to pray. In this sermon, we explore prayer and the difficulties that arise. It also brings up a great question: how important is God?



  • “Prayer is indeed the Christian’s vital breath and native air. But, strange paradox, most of us find it hard to pray. We do not naturally delight in drawing near to God. We sometimes pay lip service to the delight and power of prayer. We call it indispensable, we know the Scriptures call for it. Yet we often fail to pray”
    J Oswald Sanders, Spiritual Leadership, p. 85
  • “’When I go to prayer,’ confessed an eminent Christian, ‘I find my heart so loath to go to God, and when it is with Him, so loath to stay.’ Then self-discipline has a role. When you feel most indisposed to pray, yield not to it, but strive and endeavor to pray, even when you think you cannot. Mastering the art of prayer, like anything else, takes time. The time we give it will be a true measure of its importance to us. We always find the time for important things.”
    J Oswald Sanders, Spiritual Leadership, p. 86
  • “It was our Lord’s habit to seek retirement for prayer…the surprise of the onlookers lay in this, that one so mighty, so richly endowed with spiritual power, should find it necessary for Himself to repair to the source of strength, that there He might refresh His weary spirit. To us, the wonder is still greater, that He, the prince of Life, the Eternal Word, the Only begotten of the Father, should prostrate Himself in meekness before the throne of God.”
    D.M. McIntyre, “The Prayer Life of our Lord”, p. 30-31


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